One of Our Favorites

The Blue Moon Saloon & Guesthouse

When the Blue Moon Guesthouse opened the saloon on the back porch in April 2002, I would bet that the owner had no idea that it would become not only a local favorite but an international one.  But it happened.   It's one of my and Jay's personal favorite places to take in a band and throw back a couple of adult beverages. 

In lieu of an inaugural Band of the Month, we decided to share with everyone our favorite PLACE to see the bands. 

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Lunch Spot of the Month

Rusted Rooster

Right in the middle of having a bad day Chaz comes by my office and says "Whatcha got for lunch?"

I'd heard of Rusted Rooster before and hadn't made time to check it out but it's been a once a week lunch spot for me ever since.   

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Artist of the Month

Seth Cooper Wiley

Graphic Artist / Songwriter / Singer / Painter

Better known as Coop to his friends, Seth Cooper Wiley earned a B.A. Degree from UL Lafayette and followed his dream of working in the film industry by moving to Los Angeles, California and doing animation, graphic arts, and design for the better part of 10 years.    He lives in New Orleans now and is still putting his artistic talents to use for his company 40 Rod Media. 

Coop freed up a few minutes to chat with us about himself and what drives him.  

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Can You See IT?



Graphic Design

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Rachel G. Whittle is a Louisiana-born actress who is
developing her craft right here in Lafayette. 
After working on a myriad of independent films and local commercials, Rachel recently had the privilege to act opposite Michael Pare’ in John Fallon’s The Shelter.  

 She tends to be cast as a femme fatale because of her breathtaking looks and her athletic ability, but her goal is to expand the breadth of her roles.  Plan to see more of Rachel on TV and the big screen in the near future.  Iron Crawfish sat down with Rachel to get some insight into her career and motivation as an actress.  

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Actress, Rachel G. Whittle



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